RISD is currently following summer protocols. Updated protocols for the Fall 2022 semester will be published in August.

What you need to know

icon of needle and vaccine


  • vaccination—including booster—is required for students, highly encouraged for employees
  • more than 95 percent of RISD community are vaccinated and more than 85 percent are boosted




  • Open testing is discontinued for the summer but testing remains available for Pre-College students or any RISD student on-campus.
  • If you are a student and are experiencing Covid-like symptoms, please contact Student Health Services to determine what type of visit or testing is recommended.


Contingency Planning

While we hope that the measures outlined will mitigate any widespread outbreak of COVID-19, we are prepared for various scenarios in which an outbreak might occur and have planned how we should respond, including circumstances that might warrant moving to remote learning.

Public health triggers and scenario planning

RISD will monitor infection levels in Rhode Island and the surrounding area. As part of this oversight we will pay attention to hospitalization levels, conditions on neighboring campuses and availability of resources. In case of an outbreak on campus (10+ cases in one week) RISD may need to tighten restrictions on a temporary basis to assess an imminent threat to public health. This may include:
  • increasing surveillance testing.
  • limiting gatherings and student activities.
  • moving to remote learning for a specific length of time.