Wintersession 2021 began online on January 11. Planning for spring 2021 is in process with the semester starting February 22.

Latest updates

Testing results: We now have 56 cumulative positive results out of 20,131 tests

JANUARY 25, 2021

Wintersession has started: The term started January 11 with all online classes

JANUARY 12, 2021

Limited access to campus: Only those with approved access are allowed on campus during wintersession

JANUARY 12, 2021

Governor Raimondo announced new restrictions for Rhode Island colleges and universities and we have confirmed with the Governor’s office what this means for RISD.

  • RISD can continue to keep academic shops and studios, and the associated instructional activities, functioning as currently through the end of the fall semester.
  • Teaching and learning activities that can be conducted in an online mode without sacrificing the learning outcomes should migrate to online instruction.
  • Existing online courses should continue to be conducted online.
  • Residence halls will remain open as planned through the end of the fall semester.

DECEMBER 1, 2020

Wintersession campus access: Only specific individuals will be allowed access to campus during Wintersession

DECEMBER 1, 2020

What you need to know


Wear a face covering

  • face coverings are required on campus
  • community members are expected to provide their own coverings
Social Distancing

De-densified campus

  • campus spaces support physical distancing
  • staff are working remotely wherever possible

Testing and care

  • RISD is testing 50 percent of its on-campus population every week
  • COVID-19 evaluation is available to students at Thompson House respiratory clinic staff 
  • Learn more about testing

Tracking COVID-19 at RISD

  • the COVID-19 dashboard provides up-to-date statistics from ongoing campus testing
  • data is updated daily Monday—Friday with laboratory-verified results

Seek support


Keep informed

Personal, confidential and quality health care – right on campus.

Supporting and promoting good mental health at RISD.

Stay updated on COVID-19 with community updates, FAQs and resources.

Announcements and Events

Sometimes we’re all affected by a health condition — from cold and flu season to more serious issues. Check here for important, timely news on events or services to help you stay healthy — and to get the latest updates on any campus-wide health alerts.