Gatherings and Visitors



RISD employees should encourage all visitors to instructional spaces, offices, or residences to meet virtually wherever possible, unless there is an essential need for the visitor to visit campus.

If virtual meetings are not possible

Screening, physical distancing, and face covering protocols must be observed in compliance with RISD’s COVID-19 policies. The RISD host, sponsor, or contact must coordinate all arrivals to campus and ensure:

  • All visitors must self-screen prior to arriving on campus. If they do not have any of the COVID-19 symptoms, have not been in close contact with a person who tested positive for COVID19 within the last 48 hours and have not traveled outside the United States or to a state with a positivity rate greater than 5% within the past 14 days, they may proceed to campus.
  • All visitors must wear a face covering while on campus. If visitors arrive on campus without a proper face covering, one may be provided to them.
  • All visitors must maintain six feet of physical distance with all RISD community members whenever possible, and when six feet of distance cannot be maintained, the interaction should be limited to less than 15 minutes.


If virtual gatherings are not possible

  • It is safer to gather outdoors rather than socializing indoors.
  • All participants must wear face coverings at all times while socializing indoors. Masks are not required for outdoor socializing.


RISD will limit unnecessary visits from outside the community to help reduce health risks while continuing daily operations. RISD community members are empowered to respectfully and professionally remind on-campus visitors of physical distancing and face covering requirements, and should contact Public Safety in the event visitors refuse to comply with RISD policy or the laws of Rhode Island. Visitors who do not comply with the RISD policy or the laws of Rhode Island will be required to leave RISD property. Visits must be coordinated by a RISD host, sponsor, or contact, who will be responsible for making them aware of campus protocols.

Academic guests

Access to instructional spaces, residences and office spaces at RISD will be limited to students, staff and faculty. All academic visits to campus must be postponed or shifted to an online format, including guest crits and lectures.

Contractors and deliveries

  • Individuals making brief deliveries (FedEx, W.B. Mason, etc.) may enter campus without screening, as long as they have followed their own companies’ protocols for screening and personal protection and wear a face covering while on RISD property.
  • All vendors, contractors, and suppliers are expected to comply with the guidelines established by OSHA, RIDOH, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC), as well as all other federal, state, and municipal regulations and guidelines updated, to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19.
  • For some longer term engagements, we will ask vendors, contractors, or suppliers to provide their company COVID-19 Response Plan for review. In those cases, the RISD contact will be responsible for collecting the plan and having it reviewed by the Environmental Health & Safety Office prior to the beginning of the engagement.
  • RISD employees must notify any time someone is working on campus for an extended amount of time (i.e. more than a delivery), so that the area can be properly cleaned or disinfected at the beginning of the following day.
  • If the contractor or vendor does not comply with this policy, the RISD employee should speak with the person(s) so they do comply. If they still do not comply with this policy, employees should notify RISD’s Public Safety Office with their concerns.
  • Unscheduled visits of contractors or deliveries are not permitted.

Friends and family

Residents living on campus will not be permitted to have any guests or visitors, including RISD students living off campus. Residents should meet guests/visitors outside of the residence hall and observe physical distancing.

Public spaces

RISD is committed to the health of both our academic community and the city at large. Therefore, RISD is reducing points of public contact on campus where feasible until further notice.

Campus Exhibitions galleries
Gelman, Sol Koffler and Woods-Gerry galleries are open only to students, faculty and staff with an active RISD ID. Exhibitions for the 2020 seniors and graduate students, scheduled for mid-fall semester, will take place in the Chace Galleries and the Woods Gerry Galleries, but under strict public health protocols.

Fleet Library
Fleet Library is open only to students, faculty and staff with an active RISD ID.

The mailroom is open in accordance with Rhode Island protocols for businesses, which include technology for ordering and queuing, sanitation practices and plexiglass barriers.

Edna W. Lawrence Nature Lab
The Nature Lab is open only to students, faculty and staff with an active RISD ID.

RISD Museum
The RISD Museum is open only to students, faculty and staff with an active RISD ID.

RISD retail stores
risd:store and risd:store 3d are open only to students, faculty and staff with an active RISD ID.

Tillinghast Place
Tillinghast Place parking is open to current RISD faculty, staff and students. Daily parking area hours are 7 am–7 pm. For the safety of the RISD community, parking is accessible only to those who completed the online public health training, participated in baseline testing and continue to with surveillance testing. Restrooms will remain closed until further notice. Take note that Tillinghast Place should not be used as a site for conducting academic courses.

As with other campus spaces, community members must follow key safety measures when at Tillinghast Place:

  • wear a cloth face covering
  • keep at least six feet of physical distance
  • frequently wash hands and use hand sanitizer
  • do not gather in groups larger than 15
  • do not bring guests not covered by the above guidelines

RISD may adjust operating hours and access if conditions change.