Dining and Eating on Campus


To ensure the safety and well-being of all students, as well as dining staff, the following protocols will be implemented in our dining facilities to maintain physical distancing, provide timely service and observe strict occupancy guidelines:

  • Cloth face coverings and physical distancing are required in all dining establishments
  • The Met and Portfolio will be closed between meal periods for cleaning
  • All dining locations are closed to the public for fall opening.
  • Physical distance demarcation will be in place to remind customers to maintain physical distancing.

Order for pick-up

  • Grubhub (accessible through the MyRISD app), provides a contactless ordering platform which will feature three concepts to start the year. All will be picked up in the Portfolio.
  • Dining’s new Co-Op Market will be available via Grubhub it will feature retail items, fresh produce, basic groceries items and MYO (Make Your Own) food kits. Designated pick up areas will be located in the Met, Portfolio and in Charles Landing.

Grab a snack

Expanded vending machines, including fresh offerings, are available at

  • Upper Met
  • 15 West Lobby
  • 20 Washington Place lobby

Meal Plans

The Campus Meal Plan (formally Foundation Meal Plan) is now based on three meals per day as opposed to unlimited access to the Met.

Full Dining information

Full details about all dining services, plans and schedules can be found at RISD Dining’s page on info.risd.edu. You may also download a printable dining info sheet.

Eating on Campus

RISD students, staff, and faculty, out of necessity, often eat snacks and meals where they are—between classes, during studios, in break rooms, or in departmental homespaces. Eating requires the removal of a face covering, which can heighten the risk of infection, especially when done with others in common spaces. The following guidelines outline best practices for safe eating on campus.

Eating Alone or Outdoors

  • Eat alone, when and where possible, in a location that you can disinfect when you’re done.
  • Residential students should take their meals in private residence hall rooms or offices whenever possible.
  • If such isolated eating is not possible, try to eat outdoors, while maintaining a physical distance of 6 feet from others. “Outdoor Seating Areas” are listed for students, under “Dining” in the MyRISD app. They include spaces around some of the hill houses, the Lower and Upper quads, Frazier Terrace, and the Met Patio.

Eating Indoors

Eating indoors is only permitted as a last resort, if eating outdoors or eating privately are not possible. Those who eat indoors must maintain a minimum 6-foot physical distance from others.

The Met.

Eating with Others

  • Avoid gathering in small rooms and/or rooms without a window.
  • Remember to observe occupancy limits.
  • Do not sit facing one another unless you are outside, or can be physically distant.
  • Avoid using shared break room items or reusable kitchenware (e.g., shared coffee pots, shared water pitchers, etc.).
  • No classes or groups should eat while they are gathered for class time or critiques as this increases risk of transmission

Face Coverings

  • Brief removal of a face covering to eat or drink is acceptable, as long as a 6-foot distance from others is strictly maintained.
  • Best practice is to remove your mask carefully, place it on a clean surface, and then sanitize your hands. If you have a disposable mask and a second face covering, you can replace it with a clean face covering. (click here for a helpful video)
  • Face coverings must be worn as much as possible, including any time you are not eating or drinking, such as conversing with others or preparing/cleaning up food.
  • The greater the chance of someone walking by and/or interacting with you (sitting outside or in a common area), the more you should be vigilant about wearing your face covering.


  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer before eating.
  • If eating indoors, use a cleaning solution or wipes (available throughout campus) to disinfect your area and any furniture before and after eating.
  • Clean up after yourself and place all trash and recyclables in the appropriate receptacles.