Gatherings and Visitors

  • Capacity Limits

    There are no capacity limits at RISD gatherings and events, however RISD will not host public events and asks that only two external participants be present for each event, meeting, crit, or gathering.

    Wintersession and Spring
    RISD will resume hosting public events (indoors and outdoors) and remove the two person maximum for external participants.

  • Vaccination Requirements

    Event hosts or planners cannot ask for proof of vaccination, but they can ask specific COVID-19 screening questions as a requirement for admittance to events.

  • Face Coverings

    Participants and attendees are required to wear face coverings at all indoor events or gatherings. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly encouraged to wear face coverings outdoors as well if they are not able to physical distance.

  • Public Spaces

    Spaces that are open to the public, such as the RISD Museum, Fleet Library, and the RISD Store, will follow general business guidelines from the State of Rhode Island, adding the additional measure of requiring face coverings.

  • Visitors

    Visitors will be allowed in all RISD buildings, including residence halls, but must wear face coverings when indoors and be escorted by their hosts. Visitors must also continue to follow regular residence hall guest policies.

    RISD requests that not more than two external guest participants are hosted at RISD events, meetings, crits or exhibitions. For Wintersession and Spring 2022, there will be no capacity limits for external guests at RISD events.

  • Food and Drink

    There are no limits or restrictions on food or beverage at RISD gatherings and events. However, if indoors, attendees should only pull down face coverings briefly eat or drink and then replace them securely.