Off-campus Living

RISD has a number of undergraduate and graduate students who live off campus, and while it is impossible to monitor or control the living conditions or behaviors of such students, off-campus students should follow state health guidelines for residents.

Fall Arrival

Any new undergraduate or graduate student not living on campus is asked to schedule a time to pick up their RISD ID Card using QLess, which is accessible via the MyRISDapp. Any returning undergraduate or graduate students seeking to replace a lost, stolen or damaged ID cards are encouraged to utilize Qless to schedule a time to pick up a replacement ID card.

Please note that pin code access to all RISD buildings has been deactivated for the duration of the semester. Only a valid RISD ID card will allow access to buildings.

Off-campus Gatherings

RISD will take swift and decisive action to address, adjudicate, and resolve noncompliant behaviors including off-campus parties that violate gathering restrictions. The State of Rhode Island will also fine the student(s) who violate the social gathering restrictions repeatedly.

Coming to Campus

While on campus, off-campus students should follow additional public health guidelines particular to RISD, including daily screening. Off-campus undergraduate and graduate students will have the option to purchase a meal plan if they wish, but they will be prohibited from visiting on-campus residences.

Rhode Island Health Guidelines for Residents