On-campus Living


  • Single-occupancy rooms will house the majority of students. RISD has signed a master lease with the Edge College Hill apartments for 200 additional beds. Residential Life will manage the rooms in the same way as it does other residential facilities including the room assignments, Resident Assistants and programming.
  • Bathroom fixtures will be shared by a maximum of four students in multi-person bathrooms.
  • Some public lounges will be closed to discourage congregating and others will be converted to workrooms used by appointment.
  • Student visitation will be discouraged by only allowing card access to one’s own building.

Visit the RISD Housing site

Dining and Shared Kitchens

Please see the Dining page for all campus dining options and protocols.

Making your own food in a shared kitchen

  • One student at a time is allowed in a kitchen—first come, first served.
  • Students should clearly label any personal items stored in communal kitchens. Note that all rooms will have a micro fridge available for students to store food.
  • Items that must be shared must be disinfected before and after each use, including microwaves or dishwashers.
  • Dining tables and chairs will not be provided in kitchens.
  • Students should not congregate or host gatherings in the kitchen spaces.

Housing Quarantine FAQ
quarantine and isolation housing 

Laundry Facilities

  • Only one student may be in the laundry rooms at a time. Only students placing loads into washers and dryers may be in the laundry rooms. While cycles are running, students should leave the space.
  • Students should disinfect the machines before using.
  • Students are required to immediately remove their laundry upon completion of the cycle, and are not to touch or remove personal belongings from machines that do not belong to them.
  • Students can check the availability of machines, which are available on a first-come, first-served basis.


Workrooms located in residence halls will have assigned times and monitoring to prohibit congregating. To allow for more access, some public lounges will be converted to workrooms with scheduled appointment times.

Card Services

Any returning undergraduate or graduate students seeking to replace a lost, stolen or damaged ID cards are encouraged to utilize Qless (available on the MyRISDapp) to schedule a time to pick up a replacement ID card.

Please note that pin code access to all RISD buildings has been deactivated for the duration of the semester. Only a valid RISD ID card will allow access to buildings.