Continuing Ed and Pre-College

Continuing Education (CE) Protocol

RISD Continuing Education (CE) in-person courses will follow all RISD COVID policies and protocols. For the purposes of these protocols, non-residential students are regarded as campus visitors. 

  • Mask Requirements

    CE and Pre-College programs follow current RISD policies related to masks, which are subject to change.

  • Public Spaces

    Spaces that are open to the public—RISD Museum, Fleet Library, Nature Lab, Jolly Roger, Carr Haus, Portfolio and the RISD Store—follow RI State business guidelines and all RISD protocols.

  • Vaccination

    RISD strongly encourages vaccination (including a booster dose) for all Continuing Education (CE) faculty and students for adult and youth (ages 6–17) in-person programming. 

    Continuing Education Faculty
    ALL RISD Employees must disclose vaccination and booster status at the time of hire.

  • Testing

    Symptomatic and asymptomatic testing for non-residential CE students must occur at their own discretion at state testing centers, pharmacies or their primary care physician.

  • Positive Cases

    Any individual (vaccinated, boostered or unvaccinated) who tests positive for COVID-19 must isolate until fever free for 24 hours without medication, symptoms have improved and it has been at least FIVE days from when symptoms first began.

    Non-residential CE students who test positive must notify RISD Continuing Education staff by emailing and their instructor immediately.
    Non-residential students who test positive will not be admitted on campus for FIVE days from their positive test date. 
    RISD Health Services will collect and notify close contacts on campus.

Pre-College Residential Programs

RISD Pre-College will follow all policies outlined above, with additional protocol specific to residential students:

  • Health Services

    All students participating in RISD Pre-College will have daily access to RISD Health Services.

  • Vaccination

    Pre-College students are required to submit proof of vaccination — including booster — via the registration process upon admittance into the program.

    Religious or Medical Exemptions
    Students may submit a request for exemption from the vaccination requirement via the Medicat portal. Individuals with vaccination exemptions may be required to test weekly or be subject to additional health safety protocols. 

  • Types of Testing

    Students experiencing COVID-like symptoms should contact Health Services to determine what type of visit or test they recommend for you.

    CE and Pre-College programs follow current RISD policies related to testing, which are subject to change.

    Symptomatic Testing
    Symptomatic testing for residential pre-college students will be available via Health Services.

  • Isolation

    Parents or guardians are strongly encouraged to pick up their student as soon as possible after a positive test result is received.
    Designated isolation housing will be provided for residential pre-college students.
    Additional information will be communicated directly to pre-college students and parents/guardians via email and the student portal ahead of the program.