Positive Cases and Contact Tracing

Positive Cases

Contact Tracing

  • Notification

    Students are notified of a positive test result by Health Services (HS) who gives isolation instruction and collects close contacts; HS notifies the student’s faculty, department head, techs, department coordinators and all close contacts.

    Employees are notified by Employee Health Coordinator (EHC) Karen Chase or employee discloses to RISD an offsite positive result; EHC gives isolation instruction and collects close contacts; EHC notifies supervisor/department head, HR Partner and all close contacts.

  • Isolation

    In line with recent guidance from the CDC and RIDOH, the following protocols are in place for RISD students and employees:

    Any symptomatic individual (vaccinated, boostered or unvaccinated) who tests positive for COVID-19 (PCR or antigen) must isolate until fever free for 24 hours without medication, symptoms have improved and it has been at least FIVE days from when symptoms first began. After completing isolation, those individuals should wear a mask around others for FIVE more days.

    Any asymptomatic individual who test positive (PCR or antigen) but has not had—and does not have—symptoms must isolate for FIVE days from the date of their positive test, and must wear a mask around others for FIVE additional days thereafter.

  • Reporting Positive Results Required

    Members of the community must continue to report positive test results to Student Health Services (students) or to Human Resources through Workday (faculty and staff) and will be required to isolate per standard protocol.

  • Allowance

    Starting in Wintersession, RISD may make allowances for symptomatic vaccinated students with a negative antigen test to isolate in place while awaiting PCR test results. While isolating in their regular room assignment, they must wear a face covering and only leave the room for grab-and-go meals (if unable to obtain meals another way) and restroom use.

    Such allowances will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and vaccine-exempt students who are symptomatic will still be required to isolate in isolation housing while awaiting PCR test results.

  • Close Contacts

    A close contact is defined as someone who has had one of the following interactions with the infected person, starting two days before illness onset until the time the patient is isolated or, for asymptomatic clients, starting two days prior to positive specimen collection (per CDC and DOH guidelines, only close contacts are required to quarantine):

    was within six feet of an infected person (masked or unmasked) for a total 15 minutes or more—so shorter but repeated contacts that add up to 15 minutes over a 24-hour period
    had direct contact with infectious secretions of a person with COVID-19 such as being coughed on
    is living with or sharing a bathroom (masked or unmasked) with the infected person.

  • Quarantine

    Close contacts of people with COVID-19 who are unvaccinated must quarantine (stay home) for FIVE days following the date of exposure. They should undergo COVID testing on day 5, and must wear a mask around others for FIVE additional days—a total of TEN days.

    Regardless of vaccination status, any close contact who develops fever or other symptoms must get a test and isolate for FIVE days if the test is positive.

    Fully vaccinated and boosted close contacts who do not have symptoms do not have to quarantine, but must be tested five days after exposure. If the test is positive, they must isolate for at least FIVE days from the positive test result.

    Close contacts protocol at Brown is the same as RISD for both vaccinated and unvaccinated students.

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