Spring Access Requirements

RISD looks forward to welcoming students, faculty and designated staff back to campus for the spring semester. To safely resume hybrid and in-person courses, we are requiring testing, training and student quarantine to remain eligible for campus access.

Spring Campus Access

In anticipation of an increase in positive COVID cases during the spring semester, eligibility for access to campus will be more restrictive than the fall semester. Eligibility does not equal access: only eligible persons who complete the mandatory baseline testing, training modules, and the relevant quarantine, and participate in the testing surveillance pool, will be granted—and retain—access to campus facilities.


  • STUDENTS: All students except those authorized for remote learning
  • FACULTY: Only faculty teaching a spring 2021 course or on sabbatical
  • STAFF: Only designated staff, including mail-pickup designees

Employee Special Access Requests

RISD employees not eligible for regular access to campus may request one-time access or a long-term change to their access by submitting the RISD Campus Access Form 72 hours in advance of when they need to be on campus.

Requests will be approved by the Testing and Vaccination Team in coordination with supervisors or department heads/deans. Employees may be asked to provide a negative test result (through surveillance testing or from an outside source (must upload via secure link) with 72 hours of access.

Spring Baseline Testing

Walk-up with appointment

Communications will be sent to eligible employees and students to schedule their appointments. Community members CANNOT show up without an appointment at the testing center.

224 Benefit Street, Providence
Bring a valid ID (RISD ID, driver’s license, or passport)

  • On-campus employees: February 9-12
  • On-campus students: February 12-14
  • Off-campus students: February 15-19

Spring Surveillance Testing

All students, faculty, and staff who have been granted access to campus during the spring semester will be required to complete surveillance testing on a weekly or biweekly basis.

Positive Test Results over Break

If faculty or students tested positive over the break, they must let RISD know prior to arriving back on campus. Those who have tested positive are removed from surveillance testing for 90 days but are expected to continue to follow physical distancing and wear a face covering at all times when around others. After the 90 days they are placed back in testing and are required to participate if eligible for campus access.

  • Students can submit their test results via the housing portal.
  • Employees can upload positive test results via a secure Dropbox link.


Mandatory Public Health Training

A shortened refresher training is required of all employees and students prior to the start of the semester. Students, faculty and designated employees who do not complete training will lose access to campus.

Students: Due February 22. Training is embedded in the Comevo orientation and re-orientation software. Students should check their risd.edu email address for their unique link to access the training or write to studaff@risd.edu with concerns/questions.

Employees: Due March 1. Employee training is can be accessed via Canvas. It is critical for all employees to understand RISD safety protocol, isolation and quarantine processes, and employee policies and resources as they work with students and colleagues on campus.


Arrival Quarantine for Students

Residence Hall Move-in: February 12-14, 2021

Move-in will occur over a three-day period. A reservation system and careful direction of foot traffic and use of elevators will promote physical distancing.

Quarantine: February 15–28, 2021

On- and off-campus students are required to quarantine when they arrived on campus for 14 days prior to accessing campus. The first week of Spring Semester courses, February 22 to 28, will be offered on-line only.


  • Students cannot leave their room except to use the restroom
  • Students can exercise alone outdoors for up to 2 hours
  • Students can attend important doctors visits
  • Students should attend virtual programs and events provided by RA’s and Student Affairs
  • Students cannot use the workrooms or lounge
  • Students cannot congregate with other people, or visit with family/friends on and off campus
  • Students cannot go shopping or to local restaurants/coffee shops
  • Students cannot order food or grocery deliveries
  • Students cannot visit other RISD locations, including the mailroom
  • Students cannot use RISD Rides

Detailed information about dining during quarantine—including meal pickup schedules for Portfolio Cafe and The Met—is posted at Dining’s page on info.risd.edu.

Dining During Quarantine

RAs and Student Affairs will be providing virtual programming via the Involved website during these two weeks, including social events, community meetings, and opportunities for community-building. Students will begin online courses via Canvas during the second week of quarantine.

More information:
Residence Life has put together a helpful reference guide to quarantine.

Res Life Quarantine Page