Travel and Commuting


International/domestic travel

  • Per Rhode Island State Travel Guidelines, anyone traveling from outside of the US OR from areas of the US with a COVID-19 positivity rate greater than 5 percent must undergo a 10-day quarantine or seven days with proof of a negative COVID test taken on day five of quarantine.
  • Due to RISD, Rhode Island and other quarantine policies, out-of-state travel, including during spring break, is strongly discouraged. 

NOTE: Isolation/quarantine required as a result of non-essential travel (i.e., vacation) will not qualify for Paid Special Leave and must be covered by other leave types in accordance with RISD policy or by remote work

RISD-sponsored travel

In light of pandemic-related health risks and uncertainty around US border policy and international travel, RISD will extend the suspension of all RISD-sponsored international travel for the foreseeable future. RISD-sponsored domestic travel, such as for conferences or outside-research is strongly discouraged.

Course-based travel

Field trips and other course-related, out-of-state and international travel, including for independent and collaborative study projects (ISPs or CSPs), are suspended for the fall 2020.

European Honors Program (EHP)

EHP is cancelled for fall 2020. We will assess shortly whether to resume the program for spring 2021.

Global exchange programs

RISD has cancelled all Global Exchange and Mobility programs for fall 2020, including both RISD students applying to other institutions, and vice versa.


Solo travel

  • Forms of transportation that minimize close contact with others (e.g., biking, walking, driving by car alone, or riding by car with household members) reduce virus risk the most.
  • NOTE: There will be no cost for RISD parking permits through June 30, 2021. Given space reconfiguration on campus, usual parking spots may be devoted to other uses.


If carpooling with others outside of your household:

  • Keep the windows open to circulate fresh air.
  • Keep your face covering on the entire time, even when talking.
  • Ride with the same people everyday and limit the number of people.
  • Wash your hands after. 

Crossing state lines

  • Follow COVID-19 travel guidelines and regulations as outlined by the Rhode Island Department of Health.
  • Please be aware of your own state’s current travel/commuting guidance, which could include quarantine or a test after returning from Rhode Island. Some states have exceptions for commuting, but these change often so consult your state’s department of health website on a regular basis.

Public transportation 

  • If commuting by bus and train, follow agency and public health guidelines and travel during off-peak hours if possible.
  • If you commute via taxi or ride-share service, limit the number of passengers as much as possible.
  • Note that the RISDRides shuttle service will operate according to Rhode Island COVID-19 guidelines for passenger cars and vans, which may include reduced capacity per car.