RISD is working with the Rhode Island Department of Health to develop vaccination priority lists in compliance with state guidelines. At the moment, COVID-19 vaccines are not widely available for RISD community members. However, vaccines have been provided to some of RISD’s frontline staff, including RISD’s public safety and health care staff.

RI Vaccine Information

RISD Vaccination Policy

  • Both the Moderna and Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines have been given emergency use authorization (EUA) by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). 
  • As the vaccines become more widely available to the general population and are formally approved by the CDC and FDA, RISD will work with the State of Rhode Island to determine our role in requiring vaccination as a condition of enrollment  or employment. 
  • Students and employees should plan for the possibility that RISD may require COVID-19 vaccinations as early as the start of the fall semester in 2021
  • This means receiving the vaccine when it’s made available to you and keeping vaccination records for verification. 

Employment Verification for Vaccination

As states roll out their phased plans, employees may be required to show proof of employment to qualify for vaccination during a particular phase. We believe that RISD ID cards should suffice as proof of employment. Employees with outdated ID cards or new hires that have not yet received an ID card may submit a request for a physical or digital copy to Card Services (please allow 10 business days to receive a physical copy). If you need immediate verification, please email

Vaccination Disclosure

The CDC has a vaccination record card to serve as a reminder to receive the second dose and certification that you have been inoculated for COVID-19.  While we do not currently have a policy mandating vaccination, it is possible that as early as fall 2021, RISD employees and students will be required to disclose their vaccination status as a condition of enrollment or employment. Please keep your vaccination record card in a safe location for future use. 

CDC Vaccine Card

Keep CDC Vaccine Card in safe location

Vaccinated Individuals

  • Until herd immunity is achieved, current virus preventive and mitigation measures must be continued.  Scientists and health officials predict that this will not happen until late 2021 or early 2022.
  • For this reason, vaccinated individuals must continue to abide by all of RISD’s health safety protocols, including testing, self-screening, wearing a face covering at all times, maintaining 6′ distance, and frequent hand washing.
  • Employees who do not follow COVID policies are subject to progressive, corrective HR employment processes in accordance with applicable disciplinary procedures. Likewise, students will be subject to the conduct process

RISD Testing and Vaccine Team

RISD has reconstituted the team overseeing testing to include vaccination; it is now called the COVID Testing and Vaccination Team. As vaccine distribution continues to evolve rapidly, this team is monitoring and planning for the following:

  • Vendor and health plan partnerships in the event that RISD is asked or empowered to hold vaccine clinics
  • Cost and coverage of vaccine administration in coordination with HR and Finance
  • Vaccination disclosure and verification process and technology in coordination with ITS 
  • Communication and engagement strategies to keep the community informed about key vaccine information