Vaccination and Booster Policy

  • Students

    RISD requires the COVID-19 vaccination and booster (when students are eligible*) in addition to all other currently required vaccinations. RISD accepts vaccines approved for emergency medical authorization by the FDA or the World Health Organization.

    Anyone who has already received an approved exemption from a COVID-19 vaccination will continue to be exempt from this requirement. Students seeking an exemption from the vaccine or booster*, must fill out a request form on the student patient portal.

    *Students who are not yet eligible to receive a booster should not request exemption and can wait until eligible and boosted to upload booster verification.

  • Faculty and Staff

    RISD does not require employee vaccination, but does require disclosure of whether employees have received the vaccine and booster. Employees can upload their vaccination status in Workday. Instructions are available here in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

    All undisclosed, unvaccinated, and unboosted employees are required to PCR test weekly to maintain campus access.

  • Continuing Education and Pre-College Students

    RISD requires all Continuing Education (CE) students to complete the vaccination attestation form at the point of registration for adult, teen and youth (ages 6+) in-person programming.

    For RISD Pre-College students, proof of vaccination is required and collected after admittance into the program.

Unvaccinated or Undisclosed

  • Definition

    Those not fully vaccinated (including a booster dose) or undisclosed will be subject to increased health and safety protocol. This population consists of the following:

    Unvaccinated employees
    Undisclosed employees
    Students with an approved exemption
    Students with vaccinations that are not recognized by WHO

  • Increased Protocol

    Mandatory weekly testing for COVID-19 will be required for 100 percent of the unvaccinated/undisclosed population and they are strongly encouraged to wear masks even when outdoors if they are unable to physically distance.

  • Failure to Complete Testing

    If a student misses their testing appointment, they must reschedule as soon as possible for the next available testing time.

    If an unvaccinated or partially vaccinated student misses two weeks of testing, their campus access will be deactivated and their department will be notified. Access will only be restored once a negative test result is received. If students do not test, they will be removed from campus housing (if applicable) and unenrolled from RISD.

    Employees or their managers may email to be excused from testing if they are sick, on approved leave/vacation, or not working.

    If an employee misses one week without excuse, they are issued a written warning and required to test as soon as possible the following week.

    If an employee misses two weeks (consecutive or nonconsecutive) without excuse, they are issued a final written warning their card access to the RISD campus will be turned off and they must take vacation, personal or unpaid leave until they test and receive negative results for access to be turned on again.

    If an employee misses three weeks (consecutive or nonconsecutive) without excuse, they are subject to termination.

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