Despite current CDC guidance, RISD will maintain all current health and safety protocol, including testing, mask wearing and physical distancing for both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals until the end of the spring semester.

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Vaccination Policy


  • RISD will require COVID-19 vaccination in addition to the current required vaccinations.
  • All students intending to be on campus for fall 2021 will need to provide a COVID vaccination record by August 1.
  • Not yet determined is whether a single injection of a two-dose vaccine will suffice for on-campus activity; which vaccines will be acceptable to RISD; longevity of vaccinations and the possible need for boosters;, and whether on-site, third-party vaccination options will be available to unvaccinated students.
  • Medical or religious accommodations for students unable or unwilling to be vaccinated will be established.

Student Vaccination Verification


  • Currently, RISD will strongly encourage vaccination but will not require it.
  • RISD will require vaccination disclosure (letting the institution know whether you’ve been vaccinated), by August 1.

Employee Vaccination Status

Protocol for Vaccinated Individuals

At this time, vaccinated individuals must continue to abide by all of RISD’s health safety protocols, including testing, self-screening, wearing a face covering at all times, maintaining 6′ distance, and frequent hand washing.


  • All community members must continue to participate in surveillance testing to monitor for breakthrough infection (as mandated by RIDOH). Vaccination will not affect test results.
  • Per RIDOH guidance, a vaccinated person who tests positive can be released from isolation after they receive two negative PCR tests (specimens must be collected more than 24 hours apart.) Direct contacts of the index case must STILL continue to quarantine, as, out of an abundance of caution, RIDOH still considers the index case to have been infectious during the time that they tested positive.
  • Employees and students who do not follow COVID policies are subject to progressive, corrective HR employment processes or the conduct process, respectively.

Vaccination Disclosure

  • The CDC has a vaccination record card to serve as a reminder to receive the second dose and certification that you have been inoculated for COVID-19.
  • RISD employees and students will be required to disclose their vaccination status as a condition of enrollment or employment.
  • Please keep your vaccination record card in a safe location for future use.
CDC Vaccine Card

Keep CDC Vaccine Card in safe location

RISD Testing and Vaccine Team

RISD has reconstituted the team overseeing testing to include vaccination; it is now called the COVID Testing and Vaccination Team.