Health and Self Care

RISD has implemented health and safety protocols in alignment with recommendations from the CDC and the Rhode Island Department of Health, as well as expert consultants. We will constantly be re-evaluating our processes and policies as new information becomes available.

There are three key safety measures that all community members will adhere to:

  • cloth face coverings
  • physical distancing
  • hand washing

In addition all students, faculty and staff will participate in screening, contact tracing, and testing measures as outlined in this section. Health Services will handle testing and care for students, facilitated by a new respiratory clinic. Employees will seek testing and care from their primary care providers with the exception of arrival and surveillance testing, which is covered by RISD.

Expert Resources and Consultants

We are actively engaged with the following experts as we plan for our fall re-opening:

  • Associate Professor of Epidemiology at Brown University Dr. Brandon Marshall, PhD
  • Infectious disease physician and Associate Professor of Medicine at Brown University Dr. Philip Chan
  • Dr. Richard P. Keeling, MD and Dr. Jennifer Dickson, MPH DrPH of Keeling Associates Consulting
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
  • Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy
  • Rhode Island Department of Health
  • American College Health Association