Community Compliance

Community commitment to health and safety

It is the responsibility of all in the RISD community to keep fellow community members safe and well. We cannot eliminate the risk of COVID-19 on campus completely, but with strict adherence to public health policies now in place (self-screening, wearing a face covering at all times, maintaining 6′ distance, and frequent hand washing), we can reduce the risk. Compliance to these policies is not a choice but a necessary condition for students, faculty, and staff to return to RISD this fall. As part of this, RISD has required all community members to take the Community Commitment to Health Pledge to help stop the spread of the COVID-19.


Student Community Commitment

Faculty and Staff Community Commitment

Reporting violations of guidelines and policies

We recognize that some community members may continually ignore the guidelines or that there are instances when lines of authority may make you uncomfortable with speaking out, such as student to faculty or employee to supervisor.

We urge you to take the steps below to address repeated offenses. Community members are only to call Public Safety in the case of emergency.

Talk to someone about it

Students: If you’ve already encouraged the community member to follow public health guidelines or you feel uncomfortable doing so, speak first to your Resident Advisor or a member of the Student Affairs team, who can help address the situation.

Staff and Faculty: If you’ve already encouraged the community member to follow public health  guidelines or you feel uncomfortable doing so, speak first to your supervisor, who can help address the situation. Managers may require that employees who refuse to comply leave for the day. Managers should contact their HR partner regarding pay and other disciplinary implications.

Faculty: Faculty members may ask students who refuse to comply to leave their classroom and may refer the matter to the coordinator of student conduct for potential disciplinary action.

Use the COVID-19 reporting form

If you see repeated offenses, you can formally report a violation of RISD’s health guidelines and expectations.

  • Only submit serious violations (purposely hosting a large gathering, refusal to wear PPE, etc.) of the Commitment to Community Responsibility or the COVID-19 Code of Conduct Addendum.
  • Do not report a first offense failure to wear PPE or someone who may have accidentally walked too close to another in a hallway.

COVID Reporting Form

Repercussions for not following COVID-19 policies


Conduct Process
Response to violations, including direct/intentional refusals to adhere to RISD’s COVID-19 Code of Conduct Addendum or demonstrated disregard for the health and safety of the community will be held accountable by RISD to our community standards. RISD will take swift and decisive action to address, adjudicate, and resolve noncompliant behaviors.

Good Samaritan Policy
Students who actively seek help when they are concerned about violations of RISD COVID-19 or other RISD policies that they have participated in, such as large parties, will normally not face conduct consequences related to these policy violations as outlined in RISD’s COVID-19 Good Samaritan Policy (see page 4 of the COVID-19 Code of Conduct Addendum).

Faculty and Staff

Employees who fail to observe COVID-19 workplace expectations, policies and requirements as detailed on and in RISD’s required COVID-19 trainings may be subject to progressive, corrective HR employment processes in accordance with applicable disciplinary procedures.