Training and Education

All members of the RISD community share the responsibility of keeping themselves and others safe while on campus. In support of this, RISD will provide information and training to ensure that all public health protocols are shared, understood and observed. The education plan will be an ongoing effort, providing up-to-date and reliable information, with an emphasis on campus community health. 


All new, returning and transfer students will be required to complete virtual training before they may begin classes. The training will contain basic information about COVID-19, social distancing expectations at RISD, hygiene practices, compliance with screening and testing and the code of conduct related to public health behaviors. 

All formal student leaders (Resident Advisors, Advocates for Inclusion in Residence, Cultural Programmers, Orientation Leaders) will be trained on public health practices, conduct policies and social normings. A new Health Advocate leadership role will be developed to focus broadly on wellness at RISD (healthy social relationships, suicide prevention, mental health, physical fitness) and function as “social influencers” regarding public health expectations.


Mandatory virtual training will be required for all employees returning to campus and will include social distancing expectations at RISD, hygiene practices and compliance with screening and testing and the social distancing. In addition, all new and returning faculty, both part-time and full-time, will undergo training prior to the start of classes that will provide guidance on social distancing protocols in classrooms/shops/studios.

Community Responsibility

All members of the RISD community will be encouraged to sign a Statement of Community Responsibility. The statement formally acknowledges the ethical responsibility to follow public health guidelines related to COVID-19 prevention. A form has been created for the community to report public health concerns. RISD will also provide tools and education for how to confront unhealthy behavior.

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