To help keep RISD students, faculty, staff and families informed about community health and wellness, the COVID-19 dashboard below provides up-to-date statistics from ongoing campus testing and our campus vaccination records.

As a reminder, on-campus students who test positive for COVID-19 immediately move into isolation housing on the third floor of 15 West, where they are cared for according to established protocols. Students who live off campus who test positive for COVID-19 are encouraged to isolate on campus. There are no additional fees for housing and dining for the time student is in isolation. RISD employees are expected to isolate at home and seek care as needed if they test positive. Our full processes for positive cases, contact tracing and quarantine are here.

It is our hope that this dashboard helps illustrate the impact of our shared effort to contain COVID-19 and foster community health.

Please note: Confidentiality laws prohibit the institution from disclosing any identifying information about affected individuals.

Vaccination totals and percentages are subject to fluctuation due to processing times, as well as ongoing employment and enrollment changes. The dashboard is updated daily to provide a snapshot of RISD’s overall community immunization record. 

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Data Refresh Timing
The dashboard is updated daily Monday—Friday with laboratory-verified
results and there is a 48-hour delay of the data to allow notification
of positive cases and contact tracing to occur.

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