Research and Instructional Support for Faculty

Technologies, training and support programs for faculty related to in-person, hybrid and online teaching in Fall 2020 are critical to the success of the plan to reopen RISD’s campus. Support for faculty research and ongoing professional development is also essential. Specific plans for these areas of support are described below.

Online and Hybrid Teaching Support

The Center for Social Equity and Inclusion’s Teaching and Learning Lab will be offering resources and programming to support a more considered curricular transition to online and hybrid teaching next year. A two-phase program of workshops focused on online pedagogy (Phase 1) and implementation using our new institutional LMS (Phase 2), Canvas, will launch on Tuesday, June 16th with a workshop titled “Syllabus redesign for online courses.” Workshops are offered by the online teaching support team, a group of faculty with considerable experience in online pedagogies and teaching. Workshops will also be recorded and archived on our SEI workshop catalog page, where faculty can find workshops and a range of resources that address topical pedagogical issues and aim to cultivate inclusive and innovative curricula, including a discussion on “Creating an embodied online classroom.”

A page dedicated to resources in support of inclusive and accessible online teaching is currently under development, with an intended launch date of June 16th.

Faculty Research Support

RISD Research and Strategic Partnerships will remotely support faculty creating new work and scholarship within local and international pandemic economies. The goal is to support faculty, departments, divisions, and centers to develop new knowledge, support sustainability, and advance social equity and inclusion for a just society.

  • At this time, RISD’s Academic Affairs Grants and Funding opportunities will continue to be available. Research funding includes the Conference and Presentation Fund, New Faculty Research and Development Grant, the Professional Development Fund, a suite of SEI-related funding options, and the Faculty Research Fellowship at RISD Museum. Graduate Research Assistantships will continue to support faculty research projects.
  • In the coming year, faculty will have increased access to one-on-one online coaching including streamlined processes to support the development of non-teaching practices, including faculty career development, grant proposal writing, organizational and corporate partnerships, and post-award project management.
  • Specific workshops for fine arts faculty will support the development of new works.
  • A new website will provide full and part-time faculty with updated grants and residency deadlines, as well as comprehensive information about proposal development, post-award policies, and Institutional Review Board processing.
  • The research office and Fleet Library are exploring strategies to improve individual faculty access to research databases.
  • The office will continue to provide operational infrastructure for key faculty partnerships with Haworth, Hyundai Motor Group, Infosys, and International Flavors and Fragrances, as well as our important cross-institutional collaborations with Brown University, Johnson & Wales, and University of Rhode Island.

Fleet Library Support

Fleet Library will resume on-site access in two phases during summer and fall 2020. In the first phase, starting July 15, books and DVDs may be requested for pick-up, while instruction, research, interlibrary loan and course reserve support will continue to be offered remotely. In the second phase, starting September 1, the library’s physical spaces will reopen, with social distancing protocols in place, for on-site browsing and research appointments; access to Materials and Picture Collections; and use of scanners, copiers and computers. The librarians and dean will continue to identify and add as many e-resources as possible to support online teaching and faculty research. Also of interest to faculty:

  • Up-to-date information about COVID-related library services can be found here.
  • Online workshops and intro sessions will be available for fall orientation and quarantine programming.
  • Even with the reopening of physical spaces, some research appointments and general reference questions and most class instruction and “visits” to Special Collections and Archives will remain online.
  • In collaboration with the office of Research and Strategic Partnerships, librarians will be working on expanded and alternative access to e-resources.
  • In summer and fall, the library will continue to focus on digitizing efforts to grow online collections in RISD’s institutional repository, Digital Commons, and on the RISD Collections pages of ARTStor.

Center for Complexity

In partnership with RISD faculty and community, the Center for Complexity will hold various workshops and events in Summer and Fall 2020, online and in-person when feasible, to continue to support research in city-making, emergency medicine, future food, nuclear security, opioids and addiction, and public policy. This includes “Generation C”, a virtual symposium held June 15-19; MacArthur Foundation supported work in global security; and support for Rhode Island’s Arts and Health Network to promote the role of art in advancing healthcare in the state.

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