Testing Program

RISD is working with private nonprofit agency the Broad Institute (affiliated with MIT and Harvard) to conduct initial and ongoing campus PCR population surveillance testing for COVID-19.

Types of Testing

  • Open Testing

    RISD offers weekly open testing for COVID-19 for all community members. Hours are offered next week Monday 9am–4pm, Wednesday 9am–4pm, and Thursday 10am–3pm.

    Advance sign up will be required for an appointment. No walk-ins. The sign ups link is updated each Friday at the button below.

    Non-symptomatic individuals ONLY

  • Post-Spring Break Required Arrival Testing

    Students and employees planning to travel over the spring recess (March 28 - April 4) must take a rapid antigen test on the first day you return to campus (day 1) and a second test two days later (day 3) and report all positive test results to Student Health Services (students) or to Human Resources through Workday (faculty and staff) by Friday, April 8. During the week of March 21, community members will be able to pick-up two additional rapid tests in order to be ready for spring break and the post break arrival testing requirement. Rapid tests can be picked up at Thompson House, 63 Angell Street, between the hours of 9am and 4pm Monday through Thursday.

  • Optional Surveillance Testing

    Optional Surveillance Testing for the Community Asymptomatic testing will be optional for all students, faculty and staff, including those approved exemptions from vaccination or for unvaccinated or undisclosed employees. RISD offers weekly open testing for COVID-19 for all community members. Advance sign up will be required for an appointment. No walk-ins. Please use the sign ups link that is posted above each Friday.

    Location and Scheduling
    RISD respiratory clinic at Thompson House
    63 Angell Street, Providence
    Must bring a valid RISD ID, driver's license or passport

  • Supplemental Antigen Tests

    RISD will provide all community members with six (6) antigen tests at the beginning of spring semester. Faculty, staff and students are encouraged to proactively use antigen tests to monitor their health before or after travel and events or when experiencing mild-symptoms.

    Antigen tests are supplemental, and may not be used in place of required PCR surveillance testing. Boosted employees may participate in RISD-provided PCR testing via weekly open testing hours.

  • Diagnostic Testing

    If you are a student and are experiencing Covid-like symptoms, please contact Student Health Services to determine what type of visit or follow-up testing is recommended.

    Employees who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to the virus should contact their primary care provider and their supervisor, as well as get tested at a Rhode Island state testing site closest to them.

Additional Information

  • Uploading Positive Test Results (REQUIRED)

    If you receive a positive test result off-campus, you must notify RISD via one of the methods below. Please do not send your results via email as they contain confidential information.

    Students who test positive with a rapid antigen test must receive a PCR test from Health Services to confirm positive status. Students can contact Health Services Monday–Friday 8:30am–4:30pm at (401) 454-6625 or Public Safety after hours at (401) 454-6376.

    Students who test positive with an off-campus PCR test should contact Health Services for instructions.  

    Employees may now upload off-campus test results via Workday using a task called “Add My Workplace Test” found using the search bar. Here are instructions for uploading positive test results in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

    Employees must notify RISD of positive test results (antigen, rapid or PCR) via Workday. 

    Verification of rapid test results by a PCR test is not required for faculty and staff.
    If you are having issues submitting via Workday, contact Human Resources.

  • Receiving Test Results

    Test results are received 24-36 hours of all samples being picked up from the testing site to transport them to a lab in Cambridge, MA. You can also check for your results by logging into the patient portal managed by The Broad Institute.

    Negative results come from CareEvolve@lknotification.com. Positive or invalid results will be communicated by phone from a RISD clinician. Inconclusive results are neither positive nor negative, but require additional testing. This result can indicate a very early or very late infection; an infection with a variant; or contamination from a surface or lab environment. RISD will repeat the test but require isolation until results from the second test are received.

    If you have not received a result after 24-36 hours, please contact Health Services (students) at health@risd.edu, or Employee Health Coordinator Karen Chase (faculty and staff) at kchase@risd.edu.

  • Health Insurance

    Diagnostic testing for COVID-19 will be covered by the RISD student health insurance policy and the RISD employee health insurance policy at approved locations. Hospitalization and treatment for COVID-19 is covered like any standard medical treatment. RISD will cover the cost of on-arrival and surveillance testing. RISD will make options available to its on-campus faculty and staff for obtaining COVID-19 testing when employees do not have health insurance available to cover the cost of testing.

Frequently Asked Questions