Testing Program

Open Testing

Appointment slots for open PCR testing remain available at Thompson House through February 15 for the RISD Community. Testing is available during the following times:

  • Monday, Feb 13, 9am–1pm
  • Wednesday, Feb 15, 2–6pm

Pre-registration is encouraged to ensure space is available. Community members may reserve a testing time at the link below. This link is updated every Friday.

Open Testing Is Discontinued. PCR Tests Are By Request Only.

  • RISD has discontinued onsite PCR testing for Spring 2023, due to continued and consistent low usage numbers.
  • Students will still be able to request PCR testing via appointments with Health Services.
  • Faculty and Staff should contact their primary care provider or visit a local testing location for PCR and at home tests. RI residents can visit covid.ri.gov/testing for locations and additional information.
  • COVID Leadership continues to monitor local, regional and national infection levels and other indicators, and will adjust public health protocols as needed.

Register for the New Testing Platform

We’ve transitioned testing platforms and test results are now processed through the Color platform.

A Color account is required to use onsite testing. Please register before you arrive for testing to speed up the process.

Refer to the reference guide for assistance for creating an account.

Symptomatic and Diagnostic Testing Encouraged

RISD Community members are encouraged to monitor on their own with antigen tests that are available through the federal government program or from your local pharmacy. RISD has a limited amount of antigen tests available for students who need them.

If you are a student and are experiencing COVID-like symptoms, please contact Student Health Services to determine what type of visit or testing is recommended.

Employees who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to the virus should contact their primary care provider and their supervisor, as well as get tested at a Rhode Island state testing site closest to them. Employees are strongly encouraged to use rapid antigen tests following travel, large gatherings or when feeling symptomatic.

Reporting Positive Test Results (REQUIRED)

If you receive a positive test result off-campus, you must notify RISD via one of the methods below. Please do not send your results via email as they contain confidential information.

Students who test positive with a PCR test or antigen test must isolate for five (5) days (per CDC) and are required to report any positive COVID result to Health Services during normal business hours at (401) 454-6625. If a student tests positive after hours, they are required to notify Public Safety at (401) 454-6666.