Staffing Options

Remote Work and Flexible Schedules

Supervisors should continue to encourage remote work options, unless the essential duties of an employee require an on-campus presence. In order to reduce physical contact among employees, supervisors are encouraged to establish flexible work schedules, including staggered arrival and departure times, alternating shifts, and hybrid or fully-remote presence on campus. 

Space Configuration for Physical Distancing

Wherever possible, workplaces on campus should be configured to promote physical distancing between employees and reduce close contact among employees. Departments should develop a staffing strategy and provide a copy of the plan to Human Resources.

Staffing Strategy Development:

  • Summarize how your department plans to safely accommodate your space, and identify where there might be deficiencies.
  • Identify additional space, furniture, or equipment necessary for RISD’s health and safety requirements.
  • Include any relevant staffing/scheduling plans that promote physical distancing.

Plans should be shared with your Cabinet member, Facilities, Human Resources and other departments as needed, given the requirements particular to your area, and reiterated as you discuss the needs and resources that are available.