Workplace Expectations

All RISD employees who return to work on campus are expected to:

  1. Follow the policies and procedures established by RISD to promote the safety and wellbeing of the RISD campus community. RISD will publish these policies and procedures online and will post information in relevant locations as it becomes available.
  2. Familiarize themselves with RISD policies and procedures and the updated guidance provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and the State of Rhode Island (RI) including the RI Department of Health (RIDOH). RISD will post guidance from these organizations to inform employees of recent updates.

Employees who fail to observe COVID-19 workplace expectations, policies, and requirements as detailed throughout this site, in college communications, and in RISD’s required COVID-19 trainings may be subject to progressive, corrective HR employment processes in accordance with applicable disciplinary procedures.

Physical Distancing

  • RISD will support physical distancing by putting into place extensive physical distancing protocol including space configuration, visual cues and signage, and management of egress and flow patterns.
  • Employees must perform physical distancing (staying six feet or more apart)
  • Employees must hold meetings using videoconferencing technology wherever possible, and use physical meeting spaces that allow for physical distancing where videoconferencing is not possible.

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Meetings and Visitors

  • RISD employees should encourage all visitors to instructional spaces, offices, or residences to meet virtually wherever possible, unless there is an essential need for the visitor to visit campus.
  • RISD will limit unnecessary visits from outside the community to help reduce health risks while continuing daily operations.

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Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Employees must maintain clean personal workspaces by wiping down work areas, shared equipment and following other department-specific protocols.
  • Sanitizer stations have been placed around campus, and sanitizer wipe dispensers will be installed/available next to public workstations.
  • RISD Employees must practice safe hygiene, including hand washing, cleaning personal workspaces, cleaning common use equipment such as shared printers.

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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Employees must wear face coverings at all times indoors and outdoors, even when performing physical distancing.
  • Employees are empowered to respectfully speak out and correct other employees and visitors who violate these policies.
  • Employees should contact Public Safety if visitors refuse to wear face coverings or practice physical distancing after reminders.

Employee Staffing Options

Supervisors should continue to encourage remote work options, unless the essential duties of an employee require an on-campus presence. In order to reduce physical contact among employees, supervisors are encouraged to establish flexible work schedules, including staggered arrival and departure times, alternating shifts, and hybrid or fully-remote presence on campus.

Wherever possible, workplaces on campus should be configured to promote physical distancing between employees and reduce close contact among employees. Departments should develop a staffing strategy and provide a copy of the plan to Human Resources.

Staffing Strategy Development:

  • Summarize how your department plans to safely accommodate your space, and identify where there might be deficiencies.
  • Identify additional space, furniture, or equipment necessary for RISD’s health and safety requirements.
  • Include any relevant staffing/scheduling plans that promote physical distancing.
  • Plans should be shared with your Cabinet member, Facilities, Human Resources and other departments as needed, given the requirements particular to your area, and reiterated as you discuss the needs and resources that are available.